Our Kind, Different Worlds

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Our Kind, Different Worlds: Rachel Gossett Sociology 1010-W21 Professor Mrs. Gladson Our Kind, Different Worlds In this world, there are so many types of different people. The significant difference between people and their cultures are so diverse in their own ways. The different patterns of the way people behave and do things seem alien to others that are unaware. There are so many countries to study, and the ways they do things. The everyday habits, behaviors, religion, food, and language of these people can become a clash of cultural values. Japan’s culture has been influenced by China and the West; however, it has resulted in a vibrant and modern culture. In order to understand the Japanese culture, there are many things to learn. For example, knowledge of etiquette and manners are important to the Japanese. Learning to appreciate their history and customs would be essential in communicating with the Japanese. The Japanese family is what makes the culture and society of Japan so distinct between the other surrounding countries. Often people seem very disoriented when he or she becomes interested in a new culture. According to our book Essentials of Sociology, the definition of ethnocentrism is “the tendency to look at other cultures through the eyes of one’s own culture, and thereby misrepresent them” (Giddens,Duneier,Appelbaum,Carr,2013,p.51). This definition explains that a person tends to judge another culture by comparing them to his or her own
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