Our Lives Entrepreneur Ideas Goes Thru My Head

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At some time in our lives entrepreneur ideas goes thru our mind some people react on the idea of starting a business that made since in their head and other’s just keep the idea in their heads. I decided to react on an idea that went thru my head. The picture that you see on the introduction page is my son John Crouch, who is in the United States Army? While John was in Morocco, Africa one of his battle buddies took a picture on him kneeling down praying before dawn and holding his firearm in his hand. Military are trained, never to leave there weapon behind no matter what they are doing. As a child, John was always being found drawing and known as an adult he is still drawing. This picture has gone from his friend taken the picture on his cell phone, to texting the picture to John’s phone, John putting that picture on a canvas, brought the picture home to show me, I kept it and asked John if he wanted me to do an art exhibit on all of his painting. As a true artist, he said “no”, but as a parent I had to come up with an idea that people in the world can see my son talent as an artist. That is when it hit me, I can put his drawings on T-shirts, I called my T-shirt Business Mercy by Tricey Crouch. Mercy by Tricey Crouch, is a sole proprietorship, that is ran by me, it will focus on religion, military, and people who are doing wrong in the world along with wanting to come back to Christ. My team will consist of John’s the creative director over the military drawings,

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