Our Lives are Crowded with Products

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Nowadays markets are crowded with products of different types and needs. Companies produce tons of food and clothes, and thousand of cars every day. New models of products are issuing faster than previous generation of it becomes old. For example, Apple Corporation issues new iPhones every year despite of the fact that previous models are still good for use. This huge amount of new products requires a huge amount of advertising. As a consequence, our everyday life is surrounded with different kinds of advertising. We see ad on the streets when we walk out our dog, we see listen it on the radio while driving our cars coming back from a job, we see it in our favorite magazines and newspapers. A flow of advertising from all sources of media bombards our attention. Big corporations claim that they know what product is better for us. They manipulate our feelings; by playing with people desire of financial success, social power and, the most important, freedom and independence. This can be seen by analyzing a random advertising from a random magazine. In this advertisement in TIME magazine, TOYOTA targets young adults, middle working class professionals, who want fast and powerful car without spending much money on gas. It appeals to audience’s desire by repeating TOYATA’s brand and through direct and indirect messages conveyed by words and images.
TOYOTA Camry ad targets men or women in the age range between eighteen and, probably, middle or late twentieth who wants ride fast,
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