Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens

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In many novels, the society created by the author is surrounded by wealth and corruption. Numerous amount of times these settings are produced based on the life in which the author lives. Charles Dickens is no different. In the midst of most of his novels, Dickens exposes the deception of Victorian England and the strict society that holds everything together. In Dickens' novel Our Mutual Friend, a satire is created where the basis of the novel is the mockery against money and morals. Throughout this novel, multiple symbols and depictions of the characters display the corruption of the mind that surrounds social classes in Victorian England. Our Mutual Friend, Dickens' last novel, exposes the reality Dickens is surrounded by in his …show more content…
I feel that I can't beg it, borrow it, or steal it; and so I have resolved that I must marry it"(316). Her shallow mind in the beginning depicts the typical envious character that is shown in a variety of ways throughout the novel. However, "Our Mutual Friend is also a conversion story with social significance. It deals with class wealth, and social mobility" (Hardy 68). As the novel develops, Ms. Wilfer does also. After developing feelings for Mr. John Harmon in the form of John Rokesmith, she learns to no longer desire wealth, but rather happiness. It is at that point in which she discovers the poison that money holds. It is at that moment when she realizes that wealth means nothing and it brings nothing but trouble in society. Before she begs for wealth and prosperity, but all her complaints soon turn when she realizes the inconvenience that comes with wealth. "O Mr. Rokesmith before you go, if you could but make me poor again! O! Make me poor again, someone I beg and pray, or my heart will break if this goes on!"(583). She is able to see the corruption of the mind of Mr. Boffin when he is overwhelmed with money and abusing the power that is bestowed alongside the wealth. The novel, like many other classics, paints the society and time period in which the author lives through. Victorian England, which is the basis of Dickens setting, was a time where social principles were focused on the hierarchy and human nature. The

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