Our Nation 's Critical Infrastructure

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In the past sixteen years the United States has seen significant changes to the national policies that protect the population and its critical infrastructure. Two main agencies that arose from the 911 Attacks were the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Homeland Defense (HLD). These two agencies are responsible for protecting countless potential terrorist targets, millions of citizens, and the thousands of miles of U.S boarders. How can two government agencies protect so many assets? This paper will explore the two agencies and identify key roles, responsibilities, resources, and operations. It will highlight the efforts shared between the two agencies and provide the authors own definition of the DHS. Lastly, this paper will identify our nation’s critical infrastructure and how it intertwines with the DHS and HLD, by discussing the resources needed to operate successfully. These two agencies may be separate organizations but they have much more in common than one might think. Let’s begin by looking at the primary mission of each agency. According to classroom text, “The DHS is responsible for preparation of, prevention of, deterrence of, preemption of, defense against, and response to threats and aggression directed towards U.S. territory, sovereignty, domestic population, and infrastructure; as well as crisis management, and consequence management” (Week 1 Lesson). The DHS has a wide array of responsibilities that incorporates twenty-nine
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