Our Nations People Are Facing An Epidemic

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Our nations people are facing an epidemic. This issue is sweeping America off of its feet and into a comfortable reclining chair, literally. This issue is known as childhood obesity. “Adolescent and School Health” (2015) reported that childhood obesity is shared in 17 percent of children and adolescence, ages 2-19 years old. That is estimated to over 12.7 million children in the United States. Sadly, childhood obesity is common in the U.S. and rates are only increasing. America’s children are being taught to live sicker and die younger. If childhood obesity is not prevented, the children of the future will not be promised a future. “Let’s Move!” is a campaign that was created on February 9, 2010 by our own First Lady—Michelle Obama. “Let’s Move!” is a campaign that is dedicated to finding solution and prevention to childhood obesity. This amazing campaign aims to put kids on a healthy path, starting in their earliest years. According to an article on letsmove.org, “Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese”. The goal of the Let’s Move campaign is to rid of childhood obesity so we can promise our children a better future. The aspiration of teaching kids to grow up healthier so they can pursue their dreams is what this campaign is all about. The initiatives that Let’s Move is taking are as follows: “Giving parents helpful information and fostering environments that

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