Our Neighborhoods Provide An Ample Place For The Growth Of Teenagers

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Our neighborhoods provide an ample place to observe the growth of teenagers. A combination of permanent and transient families with a mixture of races, the interactions with teens on the block range from friendly exchanges to complex confrontation. It is with a different eye that I view the teenagers on my street than those in my classroom. In the neighborhood setting, I am limited to infrequent but informative interactions that give me more examples of how impulse control and logic are beginning to mature. I was outside in my garden when I saw two teenage boys walk behind our neighbor’s house. The family has not lived there long and I am not completely familiar with everyone who lives there. I have seen a teenage boy come and go, mostly with his head low or covered by a hoodie. I did not think much about them but just took note they were there. One boy, whose name would later be revealed to me as Jason, calls his friend to the front porch. The friend is reluctant to help Jason with the task he has suggested, and I realize that they are trying to remove the window air-conditioner unit. I now must act, something I don’t really want to do. A year earlier on Father’s Day, when the house was being constantly worked on, a truck was in the back yard. I just happened to notice because my daughters had been in the backyard. It felt suspicious so I called the realtor’s phone number but not the police. I should have called the police. The following week, it was discovered that the

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