Our Nig By Harriet Wilson

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Harriet Wilson’s novel Our Nig, follows the life of Frado, a young mulatto girl in the household of a white family in New England. She is abandoned to this family at the age of six because her mother could not afford to care for her and resented her and the hardships to which her birth had contributed. The mistress of the household to which Frado is left is a cruel and spiteful woman, especially towards blacks. When Frado is left in the care of the Bellmont residence as a young girl, she has no idea of the troubles she would have to face for most of her life. From the very beginning, neither Mrs. Bellmont, the main antagonist, nor her equally cruel daughter, Mary, show any hint of compassion or even mercy for the young girl. The story follows Frado and her life in the Bellmont household.

Mr. Bellmont 's attitude towards Frado is not completely out of pure cruelty, in my opinion most of it is influenced from the economical context in the nineteenth century of America. After all in the post-slavery period of north America, economics was, First and last, of crucial significance. After the abolishment of slavery in the North blacks were forced back into being subservient into technically free labor, Because they were given food and shelter. The context of this paragraph shows signs of this theme, like the conversation between Mr.Bellmont and Mrs.Bellmont : "I 'll beat the money out of her, if I can 't get her worth any other way," retorted Mrs. B. sharply.”(Willson 90).
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