Our Ocean, Our Seafood, and Our Future

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(This is an opinion/general information article that would hypothetically be published in a journal for those involved in the commercial fresh seafood industry, such as the online version of the Seafood Business Journal. The specific audience is business owners, such as restaurateurs who buy fresh ocean seafood, who would be effected by adverse changes in the oceans that would effect their ability to buy what food they needed for business.) With the current drop in lobster prices, the recent occurrence of the lobster shell disease, and the 2012 Asian shrimp early death syndrome , it is apparent that there is a lot at stake for Atlantic restaurateurs when choosing which seafood to buy. Who, what, where, and when have been important questions that should and have been running through the minds of all involved the seafood industry. However, there is one question that needs refocus: “why”. For those business owners like us who are invested in the commercial seafood, it is important to ask why things such as the oscillation in seafood prices, lobster shell disease and the 2012 shrimp incident have occurred. The past of often the key to possible patterns in the future, especially our financial future and the health of the oceans. So what is the correlation between there recent events in the world seafood industry and the past? Simply put, semi- natural and semi- human forces that have caused heating of the oceans, the enhancement of salinity states in oceans and the
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