Our Own World Is Portrayed By William Wordsworth

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Our own world is viewed through our own experiences and shaped through human emotion. Humans can experience and see the world itself can appear to shapes the emotion as well. It is impossible to say which precedes which; does the external world that is clearly and vividly see, show the tangible object that mirrors the mood? It is poetry that has an inherent tendency towards pan-psychism; the feeling that soul and nature pervades all which is close. M.H. Abrams saw for the Romantics that same reverent apprehension of nature 's grandeur: "constituted a systematic theodicy of the landscape" (Natural Supernaturalism, 98). The full grasp of this feeling is the idea of pantheism. This pantheistic tendency became explicit among the Romantics, and can be indubitably seen in William Wordsworth. Pantheism, the idea that God is found in nature can also be conceived as an atheistic tendency, where nature evolves to a god; a deity being worshipped but not the Judeo-Christian form.
William Wordsworth who, as it will be shown, was a nature worshipping individual that upheld nature beyond the physical sense to a higher spiritual degree. Wordsworth was among the Romantic Poets saw that man had a deep connection with nature. A connection that was becoming muddled and insecure with man who had lost touch with because of the developing and revolutionary coming of industrialization, society and a tear in religious realm. Romantic era writers were known as revolutionary sparkers; the…
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