Our Physical And Ecological Environment That Shapes Our Society And Culture

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In this paper, I will argue between our physical and ecological environment that shapes our society and culture.
First of all, we already have a firm scientific basis by which to assess the effect it has on the development of biology. For example, Darwinian science makes it clear that environment provides the driving force over long periods of time, longer than recorded of human cultural history. Darwin’s legendary Galapagos finches, with their beaks each adapted to the differing food sources on different islands, are a perfect example of the sort of determinism that some scholars fallaciously wish to apply to the evolution of culture. But for culture, despite of popular cant about “memetics” that does not evolve biologically.
As we discussed in class, "The distribution of cultural and biological diversity" 2002 reading by Moore, Joslin, Manne, Lisa, Brooks, Thomas et al. that science is “using linguistic diversity as an indicator of cultural diversity, vertebrate species diversity as an indicator of biological diversity that correlation between linguistic diversity and diversity of snakes, birds, and mammals” this succeed in proving a suggestive correlation, but are forced to acknowledge that such correlation does not necessarily imply causation. As the authors phrase the question under study in their concluding remarks:
“Although the environmental factors show a fair correspondence to species and language richness, they not explain all of the variance in either…
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