Our Planet Is The End Of The Planet

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Life; the reason planet Earth is the most unique of any existing celestial body. Our planet supports life and produces the materials necessary for it to continue. However, it seems we may be consuming more than our home can handle. We have flourished on this planet -one which we call our home- growing in population, but unfortunately, as the number of humans increases, so does the demand for resources we require: food, water, shelter, and fuel for electricity increase as well. Unfortunately for us, the finite supply of resources that are necessary for sustaining life on Earth are being used up at a higher rate as the human population increases. And what is even worse is that to get these resources, we need to take them from the Earth, but we end up damaging our Planet in doing so. But most importantly, we humans are destroying the lives of future humanity and our Planet in behalf of our very own greed. Our voraciousness is the critical reason that we humans will be the cause the end of the world. Famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking once stated in an interview with Larry King in 2016 that “We [humans] certainly have not become less greedy or less stupid…” Our covetousness is the root from which all factors that we humans have proposed for the imminent coming of the end of the world are born from. Pollution, climate change, the accelerating decline of every major ecosystem, every environmental change- all these and much more spring from the greed of humans. Greed and money

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