Our Posthuman Future Summary Essay

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Our Posthuman Future Chapter 1: At the beginning of Our Posthuman Future by Francis Fukuyama, it talks about two different books: 1984 and Brave New World. These books talk about multiple technologies that would change and shape the next two generations. For the decade that these books were published it had them think that having a utopian world would have no consequences. I disagree with it for the most part, because if we are created to have certain qualities or characteristics then we would lose the understanding of what it means to be human. It referred to invetro fertilization and Fukoyama thought it was a deal with the devil. And it is in a way. We shouldn’t be allowed to mess with the creation of life or choose what they would…show more content…
But I doubt it will give us the motivation for us to set our own ideals. I still believe that these few drugs are not good for us. With our luck there will probably be an unforeseen side-effect and then where would we be, back to square one. Chapter 4: Chapter four talks about the prolongation of life and the increase of life expectancies. In a way this is a bad economically because of social security and other retirement benefits. It also talks about evolutionary biologists that ten to believe that aging is caused by genes and that there are no shortcuts to the postponement of death. I do tend to agree with this for the most part. It does not matter much how you live your life because anything can cause your time to end in a moment. No one knows when a person is going to die because there are too many factors to consider. Another theory is that the body loses its functionality and just dies. And then there is also the Hayflick Limit, where environmental factors prevent the accurate copying of DNA. I think that if someone were to die due to health issues it would follow more of this idea. In time I do believe that the view point of death will change. Will a person be able to understand that their body is going out or will they fight tooth and nail to stay alive? Fear of dying plagues us all. We may be able to understand more why we die in 2050
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