Our Product Is The Clean Console And It Is An Organizer For A Car

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Introduction Our product is the Clean Console and it is an organizer for a car. Considering we had to make an organizer for the company Acme, we made a unique one that holds sunglasses, phones, money, and other small items. The overall problem we were trying to solve was to help the Acme Company from going out of business, which would have an effect on the town. People are now buying movies electronically and there is no need for the Acme DVD organizers. To save the Acme Company we had to create an organizer, and the problem that needed to be solved by our organizer was people 's messy cars needed to be kept neat. The organizer we had to make also had a lot of constraints and criteria. Some criteria included, how it could function, if it…show more content…
Our product is a car console organizer and it comes in many sizes and colors. Our easy to use product also is light and portable. The product contains many multi-sized compartments for phones, money, and sunglasses. There is also a secret compartment that has an easy access. While manufacturing this product we would use plastic sheets to create it. We found plastic to be the correct choice because it can change textures and colors. It also is a very inexpensive product that is a light and strong material. The overall cost of our product includes the cost of material ($43.96 for two plastic sheets that are 30 inches by 36 inches) and the labor and overhead cost ($4.50) which adds up to the total production cost ($48.46). Then, I added the total production cost to the manufacturer’s markup which is 10% of the total production cost ($4.85) to get the wholesale price ($53.31). In all, my group’s product costed $53.31 which is a great price for our product. Project Reflection Our team used the engineering process to complete the prototype for our organizer. The first thing our group did was define the problem, which was helping the Acme company make money because no one is buying their organizers for DVDs. People are now buying their movies online and the Acme Company is going to lose money, which will affect the town and company. As a group, our problem we wanted to solve was that people need an organizer to keep their cars neat. To define the

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