Our Rights, And Life Or Your Job?

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Your Rights, and Life or Your Job?Tyonia Wilson Brown Mackie College AbstractWhen it comes to your health, over your job you should not be forced to get anything that you don’t want to. In the healthcare employees are forced to get the flu shot, by having their job hanging on a thin line. Not taking into the considerations of what the flu shot could do to you, they are forcing it. It is becoming a problem because we as people, and employees are not having a choice on if we want it or not. It should be put to an end. We have rights. Your Rights, and Life or Your Job?Why should we be forced to get something we don’t want to get? Healthcare jobs are forcing employees to get vaccines. Refusing to get a vaccine for a job, or lose my job is what…show more content…
They should have a choice. But because of these reasons to not get it, employees are being let go. Also, as a health professional, employees should not be forced to get it. It’s a choice. “The government bought $38 million worth of flu vaccine, enough to give free shots to everyone in the province who wanted them. TAS, in an apparent fit of public spirit, took the program a step further, informing employees in a November 7 memo (later leaked to the Toronto Sun) that failure to get the shots without a valid excuse from a physician "may result in non-disciplinary suspension of employment” (as cited in Ko, 2001).You should have the rights to choose, and not be penalized based on your decision. Employees should have the rights to choose. Being able to choose what we want, and what is best for ourselves is what makes us independent. Rather than having someone making the decisions for us. By employees being forced to get the flu shot, choose between their health/beliefs or their job is like being controlled. By that being said, when it comes to the healthcare and working in that field. There are no rights or choices. Employees are told what to do with the health and well-being. Therefore, based on their decision they are penalized, and fired for not getting the flu shot. However, kids should be vaccinated, due to the fact that some things they have could harm other children who are too young to receive the vaccination. After these issues, some of the healthcare’s

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