Our Solar System For Colonization

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As humanity continues to progress and drain the Earth’s resources, the planet has started a downfall of degradation--something that should have taken millions of years under natural conditions. Species are going extinct and the greenhouse gas levels are reaching high levels because of advanced civilization. The current sustainability projects humans possess are neither long term nor effective. As resources decrease and greenhouse gases increase, many scientists are looking for alternative places in our solar system for colonization, and Mars is the most capable of supporting this human settlement. The environment of both planets play a critical role in both the sustainability of Earth and the possible colonization of Mars.
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The human race has managed to set new records in all of Earth’s history, and even began a new geological time, but the negative impact will lead to the consequence of destroying Earth completely.
Many sustainability methods are short-term, expensive, and ineffective, so scientists have started to look at the colonization of other planets. Mars is the most viable option due to the similarities between its environment and Earth’s. Despite the planet’s deserted outward appearance, Earth and Mars both have “similarities in size, inclination, structure, composition, and even the presence of water on their surfaces” (Williams “How Do”). Mars is the planet most similar to Earth based on its environmental conditions, so it is the best option that is not thousands of light years away. Compared to all of the other planets in Earth’s solar system, Mars is “...probably the second most habitable place in our Solar System” (Pyle), behind Earth, but because of Earth’s deterioration, Mars is the next most livable planet. Even though the red planet may seem to be a deserted wasteland, it once flourished with life and is the now the only option to support human colonization. Another characteristic of Mars that makes it a viable choice is its abundance of resources available to aid in colonization, an author for Universe Today explains,

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