Our Stars Is More Than A Love Story

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We are all going to die. It is a known fact of life. The world will end and there is nothing we can do about it, except ignore it and move on. Hazel Grace has learn to accept it, and like most of us, she just ignores it. The Fault in Our Stars is more than a love story, it explores topics that a lot young adult fiction shies away from. It delves in the life of two teens, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, facing their own mortality, while exploring their first love and appreciating the love their family offers. There are many types of love: romantic love, friendship, and family. Love is part of our everyday life, not romance, but the pure love we get from family. Family is bond made at birth; it is unbreakable and comforting. No matter, how hard the tribulations get, family is supposed to stick together. Hazel Grace knows that their family cares a lot for her, and she loves them equally. However, she worries about their life after her inevitable death due to her cancer. She worries that her death will hurt them beyond the love they have for each other, like a grenade; “I’m a grenade… I just want to stay away from people… and be with [Hazel’s parents] because there’s nothing I can do about hurting you; you’re too invested (99).” Hazel knows that her passing will hurt those close to her, and although she would like to “minimize the casualties,” she knows that it is unavoidable the hurt her parents will have to go through. She does try to make up for the destined
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