Our Studio Trip to Los Angeles

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First day of studio comes and we are somewhat nervous, because we will be taught by the new professor. He walks in, tells us to go home, pack our bags and get some sleep. Anna raises her hand and promptly states, “Why?”, and “We are finally taking a field trip for studio!” Our professor, Tim, tells us that he will see us bright and early in the morning at the Baton Rouge airport. “That is all, you may leave. Get some rest,” says our professor. We all leaved stunned and a little worried about where will we traveling to tomorrow. I wake up the next morning and it is time to be at the airport. Everyone is there and it is then that Professor Tim decides to make the big announcement on where we are going. “Los Angeles,” he says. We look at each other with blank stares wondering why we are going to Los Angeles. There was not any important architecture there. Professor Tim gives us an assignment right then and there. We had to get on our phones or computers, while waiting for our flight, and research to find out why we are truly going to L.A. Turns out, there was a building that was just completed and consisted of these sky-lots. No one knew what sky-lots are and could not find the meaning anywhere online. Professor Tim tells it that we are correct and we are not only researching the building but we will be staying there. Time must have flew by during our research, because it was time to board the plane for take off. As we were coming over Los Angeles, a building emerged

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