Our Supporting Role in Jacie's Life

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It was not because she was trying to or made herself seem better or more important than everybody else, but because she had this natural charisma and shine that followed her. It was an aura that drew people to her like flies to a light source. She was a light source. A star wherever she went, and whoever she was with by consequence became a supporting character. It wasn't her fault. She was compelling, yet dangerous- as if anyone who dared to get close to her would be dissipated. I saw this quality within her from the day we both met.

The bells on the door sang as cherry red Doc Martens sauntered shamelessly through the doors of Ellis's Convenience Store a Sunday night in early November. They were accompanied by a pair of legs covered with black tights ripped like zombie skin. I glanced up to see the owner of those boots. She was wearing a white men's button down shirt as a dress. I wondered if it was her boyfriends, but then pushed the thought away. It wasn't any business of mine anyway. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up to just above her elbow for the colorful stacks of beaded bracelets that adorned both of her arms.

My stare was met by big brown doe eyes smeared with eyeliner black as soot. I could tell she was around my age, and definitely no more than seventeen. Her hair, which was a deep chocolate brown like her eyes, was piled on top of her head in a messy top…
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