Our Time Here at Berks

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We've built and moved into a new facility, been awarded a new staffing contract, seen people come and go, and transitioned over to an electronic health record. It prides me that we have been a model for growth and development. Many of you exemplify positive values that I believe make our work worthwhile.

During our time together, I have advocated on your behalf and made decisions with focus toward what is best for our future and for this agency.
We all recognize that change comes at a cost and that at each crossroad we have the opportunity to determine which road to follow. We can accept challenges, making them work to our benefit, or we can resist progress.

For me personally, and as you probably have seen, I choose not to be held hostage by those who thwart efforts to maintain a positive and rewarding work environment. This said I also do my best to give others the benefit of the doubt, with hopes that others do the same in return. I have done this for many of you regardless of opinions or differing views and suggestions. Some of you can vouch for this as it has been at the expense of your own frustration.

I’ve spoken with each of you on numerous occasions about toxic effects of gossip and rumors. Previous administrators have done the same, even to the point of sending official documentation. I have also spoken with some of you about your gifts…
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