Our Time John Wideman Analysis

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In the essay Our Time by John Edgar Wideman, Wideman is speaking on how he and his brother’s life differ even though they grew up together. The author utilizes many distinctive literary techniques such as personification, breaking the narrative, point of view, and a couple examples of diction. One of the literary methods Wideman uses is personification. "My senses at times tingles and itch" (Wideman). Writers use personification to trigger the emotions of the reader. It also makes sentences additionally fascinating. It allows the reader to connect with the author on a more personal level. The example I utilized gives the reader a decent example of how Wideman gave human like actions to his senses because that is how much his outlook on life…show more content…
Our Time is one great example of an essay that exemplifies the use of different literary devices, which helps us as readers connect with him as a writer even better.
John Edgar Widerman’s Our Time addresses the controversial nature vs. nurture argument. This essay about John and his brother demonstrates how nurture plays a stronger and bigger role than nature. Trying not to be a product of your environment is so detrimental in making it in life. There are so many people blame their upbringing for the trouble they get in. Just because your mom or dad was not the richest people, or honest, or even if they were in and out of jail, drunks, drug addicts or whatever. That does not mean you should follow in their footsteps. No matter what, us as children should always strive to be better than our parents. No matter the pigmentation of your skin there will always be stereotypes. When some people see an African American male with a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Jordan’s on they might instantly think he is some type of thug or drug dealer. When some people see a single mother no matter African American or Caucasian with more than four kids some may think that they the kids might not have the same fathers. The crazy part is that the young African American male you see might be a doctor, a lawyer, or maybe the CEO of the company you want to work for, the single mother you see might be widowed, or anything. One goal in life should to be never to fall into the stereotype of your race, gender, or
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