Our Town

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What is the purpose of life? Is it to obtain wealth, fortune, or become famous? Or do the trivial things in life, occurring everyday, make life grand and give life its purpose? Thornton Wilder attempted to answer this very intricate question, a question which plays with each of our minds once in a while, through his play, Our Town. In Our Town, he exemplified his view of life and what it truly means by not only reflecting upon life, but also, death. Through death, we learn what life really is, and what life has to offer us. It is not the grand and fine things in life, but the minor everyday things in life that truly make life worth living. When speaking of Our Town he said, “It is an attempt to find value above all price, for the smallest…show more content…
Life is of great importance, for we only have one life to live. Therefore, in order to make life the best it can possibly be, we must understand life. Our Town is an influential book with a strong message that aids in the understanding of life. Thornton Wilder wanted us to open our eyes to the way we are living, and help us to appreciate every moment of our lives. Through Our Town, he attempted to give the world a new perspective on life. He emphasized the trivial events that occur everyday, and by illustrating death as an existence we want to enter with happiness, not remorse, he exemplified the fact that we should appreciate our lives and not take our lives for granted. Most often, we do not express the joy that comes with a simple, Good-morning, from our mothers, each morning as we awaken. We do not show all the sorrow that is felt when our friends are not there for us when we want them to be, and this is not what we should be doing. Our Town shows us that letting life pass in a monotonous motion, thinking that it is great, is not what life is about. It’s about enjoying and being active in every second, in every minute, in every hour, in every day. Death comes when we least expect it, and when it does arrive, we should posses no regrets. We should

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