Our Town by Thornton Wilder

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In the town of Grover’s Corner Wisconsin, there lies a small farm town with all the small town aspects. The newspaper editor runs the newspaper from his own house as the doctor runs the clinic from his house. The small town being shown through the combination uses of one building, giving off the small town feel, “The town hall and post office combined; jail’s in the basement” (Wilder 4). The younger men have the jobs of delivering the milk and newspapers in the morning. “Joe Juniors getting up so as to deliver the paper” (Wilder 6). In Our Town there is Irony among the fact that the Joe Crowell graduated from the head of his high school class and his college class, then went and died in the war. Throughout the story, the author Thornton Wilder uses mood and tone to really help describe and explain what the play is telling us. Compared to the days that people live now, the human thinking process of how they should live their lives has changed a lot. In the older generations kids would get up bright and early in the morning and they would go and do chores. They would chop wood, haul milk, throw out the newspaper, and go to church. “Naturally, out in the country-all around- there’ve been lights on for some time, what with milkin’s and so on. But town people sleep late” (Wilder 6). The aspects of life back then were almost set in stone. “Here comes Howie Newsome, deliverin’ the milk” (Wilder 10). Kids would marry young and have big families to help support the parents later on

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