Our World Is Getting Closer And Closer To Being Enclosed

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Our world is getting closer and closer to being enclosed in trash. This excess trash is producing hazards which can be prevented simply by recycling. Although the government should be doing their job to prevent these threats and effectively initiate recycling programs, it’s ultimately up to us because they aren’t worried about these dangers. Our president believes global warming is a hoax. Luckily there are tons of independent organizations out there actually trying to make a change. Recycling is a beneficial process that isn’t required although it should be. Unfortunately, people just aren’t educated enough about the topic. The entire process of recycling includes 3 rudimentary steps. The used material has to be composed, and then…show more content…
Reusing materials saves energy and provides resources necessary for living. Recycling encourages the reuse of recycled materials to make new products. Lots of products are made out of recyclable materials like paper, metals, and especially plastics. One of the main reasons are environment is polluted is because of household waste. This isn’t a know fact and people don’t realize that household waste gives off harmful gasses if not appropriately disposed of. Inadequate removal of these wastes contaminate the environment and pose a threat to human health. According to EPA (2013), “Leftover household products that contain, corrosive, toxic, ignitable or reactive ingredients are considered to be household hazardous wastes.” Products such as paints, oils, pesticides, shampoos, etc. all contain harmful elements that require specific disposal. Another in home recycling problem is the improper disposal of electronics. Electronics take up a large amount of room in landfills. It takes many years for these products to decompose in a landfill, and even when they decompose they never really do the harmful gases still radiate beneath our surface causing problems all the while there. These electronics consist of tons of compounds such as flame retardants, lead, mercury all of which are highly dangerous pollutants. Incorrect recycling processes such as open air incineration, and acid bath leaching are commonly used for salvage of precious metals from the e-waste. Permanent damage
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