Our World Revolves Around Money

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Our world revolves around money. How we get it and how we spend it. We need it to reach the basic necessities in our life. That was not always the case, but the market society has made it that way. Everything is based on prices. The market always existed, but society was never controlled by it. People are now going to work for gain, not for satisfaction. There has been a great transformation. People no longer are able to do things for themselves, making us dependant on a system of labour. People are now working for gain because we are working for our wants and needs, needs that are constantly met through the market, and our society relies on a market. Looking at the changes through material and ideological conditions we will see the significance of these changes. The main phrase used for this change is “the great transformation”. It is the emergence of the market society. The shift that occurred from the market economy to the market society. Within a market economy there was interaction between producers and consumers. You would exchange your own products you had created, with another person. Adam Smith suggested that “division of labour in society was dependant upon the existence of markets, or, as he put it, upon man’s propensity to barter, truck and exchange one thing for another” (Polanyi p.43). Smith is saying that people did stuff with exchange in mind, not to receive any form of money. When we look at a market society, we see how everything has become commodified.
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