Our Worldview Into The Classroom, A Secular And Christian School Environment

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In today’s society it is hard to be a teacher; especially, in a secular school. The students in this setting need Christian teachers more than anything. The children today need to have a teacher that has biblical values and understands just how important it is to live by these values. Before stepping foot into a classroom, a teacher really needs to understand that each child’s worldview will make a difference as to how the teacher leads her instruction and how the students processes the instruction that is given to them. We are there to encourage our students to take a good look at them self and really examine what they believe their worldview is. This being said, we really need to understand what a worldview is, why integrating our worldview into the classroom is so important, what it really means when someone talk about integrating, and how a teacher can begin to develop worldview integrative activities in a secular and Christian school environment.
I. What is a worldview?
A “worldview is a set of beliefs or truth claims that form a framework for making sense out of life and the world” (MacCullough, Ed.D., 2012, p. 15). Basically, it is how we view the world. We all have our own perception in the way we view the world. Our worldview is what we believe the answers are in our everyday life and what we believe are the answers to everything we do or are involved in. This includes everything from our values, beliefs, and our actions. It also includes how we view
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