Our Youth have Questionable Role Models from the Music Indusry

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Many popular music artists today are looked up to for their songs, style, and personality. People in today’s society can be easily influenced and many have role models they look up to and aspire to be. A role model has qualities that affect young kids and also adults that can lead to either positive or negative influences. This can be somewhat of a dangerous thing considering the role model the people choose. While this can be something innocent, like singing along to songs or dressing with a certain style, it can also be something negative, like bad behavior, drug, abuse, and violence. Parts of society, mostly fan bases, condone all types of behavior by their favorite artists, no matter good or bad. This has a potential bad affect on…show more content…
In January of 2013, Bieber was caught smoking marijuana in Newport Beach, CA. Not only was this illegal, but his fans reacted in such a deranged way of protest. They started a trend called “cut4bieber” on the social media site, Twitter. The young people were responding to Bieber smoking marijuana by cutting their wrists and taking pictures of their self mutilation to send to him. They were hoping this would get his attention to stop his illegal activities. It is so dark and scary how far his fans will go for him. Another incident happened in January of 2014 where he was arrested and charged for driving under the influence, drag racing, and resisting arrest without violence. After his arrest, his fans were fully supporting and standing by Bieber. They were creating a riot on the internet saying they wanted him freed from jail. The young fans kept making excuses for Bieber saying he’s only 19 years old and how he’s allowed to make mistakes because he’s young. Forgiving drunk and reckless driving instantly just because of someone’s social status is unacceptable. If another person drove drunk and put people in potential danger would these kids still start a trend on twitter to free them from jail? Probably not. They would be talking up a storm about how bad of a crime drunk driving is. Allowing Justin Bieber to get away with a potentially dangerous crime is seriously wrong. This shows
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