Out Of All The States In America, Everyone Knows That Texas

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Out of all the states in America, everyone knows that Texas is the most LGBTQ friendly state. The first sentence is of course a joke and Texas is one of the worst states to live in if you are LGBTQ or different at all. If you do not live in Austin, then most likely there are largely homophobic or transphobic laws that target the LGBTQ community. As a very gay person, I have seen firsthand how homophobia in Texas is not only present, but how it affects people. Laws that allow businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ people are prevalent within Texas, such “bathroom bills” and “right to fire” laws. There are also laws that make it easier for discrimination to occur and to go unpunished, as well as numerous practices in Texas that make it…show more content…
While non-discrimination acts have been attempted to be pushed through the Texas legislation, almost all have failed. Most non-discrimination laws exclude orientation and while most major companies include that orientation does not factor into their hiring process, Texas law still allows for someone to be fired based on sexual orientation or gender identity. These laws that allow people to be fired based on orientation leads to a large number of the homeless population with an estimated 40% of the homeless youth being part of the LGBTQ community (Withers, 2012). If these laws were made to be more inclusive, it would not only decrease the number of homeless in Texas, but also would decrease the unemployment number and make Texas look good. However, Texas does not like to try and make itself look less crazy, instead they become driven by horrible ideological premises that do nothing but harm innocent people and cause massive controversy. The most recent law causing problems in Texas for the LGBT community is the much discussed “bathroom bill,” which wants to make people use the bathroom that correlates with the gender on their birth certificate (causing discrimination and harassment against transgender people). Even though this law, were it to go in effect, would cause many big companies, like the NFL (Boren, 2017), to withdraw major events from Texas. North

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