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T.G is a 20 year old female, who currently attend a small college near her home in Virginia. This is T.G sophomore year at the University. T.G is a white adolescent with brown freckles on her face, with brown hair that stops at the end of her neck. T.G height is 5’4 and weights from the average of 120-125. T.G is the last child out of four other children’s. T.G was raised in a traditional Haitian home, with over protective, strict, and demanding parents. For the past six days T.G has gone without any sleep, and spent most of the time in a heightened state of activity, which T.G describe as “out of control”. At times T.G behaviors are characterized as weird and flamboyant that comes off very mystical or in sensual tone. T.G also had bizarre thinking, she worries a lot that she will forget her thoughts, and T.G also deals with intense depression.
When T.G was five T.G experienced slight mood changes. When T.G was fifteen she started experiencing mix episode, T.G was having trouble sleeping but not feeling tired, T.G was talking and thinking about sex more often and talking really fast about a lot of different things. When T.G was in high school she was having trouble staying focus, and having very short temper. And recently T.G announced to a group of friends that she do not menstruate because she was a “of a third sex a gender above the human sexes”. T.G explain to her friends, when they questioned her, T.G says she is a “superwomen” a person who avoid human sexuality and…

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