Out Of Foster Home Essay

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Introduction and Background
Each year in the United States, 24000 youth who were under the state care ago out of the system and get discharged because they have reached the legal age (pathway). The literature review indicated that 12 to 36 percent of this population will be homeless at some point after being discharged from the foster home. Among this population of the subgroup, permanency becomes issues. This study will look at the youth who aged out of the foster-care system and the likeliness of became homeless due to housing outcome, using the case study of aged out foster youth housing experience. The study will explore the causal relationship and other links that may contribute to housing instability and homelessness among young people who exit foster care once they reach the legal age (18-year-old). Some definitions have been created in trying to explain the outcome of housing instability.
The meaning is influenced by different factors such as mental health, limitations of affordable housing, education, criminal record, gender, and employment/income (financing)). Youth is
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As the years passed by, number of youth aging out of foster care continue to increase. The majority of the articles stated that youth aging out of foster care are less prepared for transition to adulthood in term of supporting themselves, education and employment. It is important to know that some of the factors which scholars suggest to be causes of housing outcome like income, employment, education, economic hardship, criminal justice involvement, homelessness, mental health and substance abuse can also be viewed as part of this occurrences ( housing,mark). This raised the question about youth who aged out of foster care system are more likely to became homeless due to housing
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