Out Of My Mind Stylistic Analysis

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Out of My Mind

In the story Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, Mrs. Valencia, one of the first visitors to visit Melody, helps Melody study when her parents are away. Throughout the novel, Mrs. Valencia shows that she is caring in two examples.
First of all, Melody was talking about Mrs. V and remembers what her mother said to her. According to the novel on page 40, in the text, it states, “Mom said Mrs. V was the very first visitor when I first came home from the hospital. A lot of my parents’ friends were scared to even touch me, but not Mrs. V!” This shows that Mrs. V cares about Melody. This also proves the point that Mrs. V is caring because she “volunteered” to take care of Melody.
Last of all, after Melody’s “workout,” Mrs. V would

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