Out Of School Suspension Paper

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Problem Statement
Originally created as a discipline action of last resort for students who cause unsafe or threatening environment or substantive clear and present danger with threats of violence and are possession of weapons in the school, out of school suspension are now being used to address minor offenses such as disobedience, disrespect, attendance issues, or other general disruptions (Stinchcomb, Bazemore & Riestenberg, 2006). Suspension were used judiciously and cautiously as the impact on the student and the perceptions of that suspension by the community was understood to be socially debilitating and cast the student and the family in a bad light (Advancement Project, 2015). It was not until the move towards school reforms in the
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In light of the dearth of the research from the perspectives of administrators in regards to out of school suspension, the purpose of this study is to provide insight into administrator's role in the use of exclusionary discipline practices. The process and use of in school suspension will not be included in this study due to the fact that the student is still part of the ongoing daily working of the school and is not overtly sequestered from the school. In school suspensions although sounding ominous and with a great deal of gravitas is used as a functional time out room as part of a internally operating student management protocol. Assignment of a student to inschool suspension results from minor disruptions in the classroom as refusal to working class to sleeping or other non compliance…show more content…
The second aspect is an examination of the suspension practices on different demographic sub groups (Townsend, 2000; Skiba, Arredondo, Gray, & Rausch, 2016; Yusuf, Irvine, & Bell, 2016). This had led to the belief and practice that the students and their families alone were affected by the impact of out of school suspensions. Conversely the attitudes and perspectives of the personal impact of involvement in the discipline process and specifically on the suspension aspect of school discipline on administrators (Hannigan, & Hannigan, 2016).

Research Questions
The central questions that will be addressed by this study are: What is the nature of the perception and attitudes on the discipline and suspension process of administrations and the perceived impact and toll on them with their participation in the process in relation to their own personal and professional leadership and educational philosophies.

Two guiding questions that will shape the
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