Out, Out by Robert Frost and Death on a Live Wire by Michael Baldwin

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Out, Out by Robert Frost and Death on a Live Wire by Michael Baldwin Both of these poems that I have chosen to compare are about death, although the circumstances surrounding the death in each poem contrasts greatly. In the poem “Out, Out-“ a “big boy doing a mans work” and getting his hand severed by a buzz saw in a dramatic accident. The injuries sustained in this accident then lead to the “boys” tragic death. “Death on a live Wire” similarly involves a death, but unlike the accidental death of the boy in “Out, Out-“ the deceased in this poem actually takes his own life by climbing onto an electric pylon. In these two poems the poet gets across ideas that he may have wanted us to think…show more content…
Likewise, both poets have decided on a very effective and meaningful title for their poems. Frost has titled his poem “Out, Out-“ which is taken from the play Macbeth, where it signifies trouble. Baldwin has titled his poem “Death on a live Wire,” which works very well in the way that it shows great contrast between the words “Death” and “Live.” This is also very good in the way that it seems to personify the electricity and the pylon, by describing the wire as “Live,” which seems to suggest that it is living. The moods of both poems are very dissimilar. Frost sets an anxious mood by the way that he portrays a sense of foreboding. He does this by starting off the poem using onomatopoeia to describe the buzz saw. He says that the “buzz saw snarled and rattled,” which gives the reader a feeling that the buzz saw is the focus of the poem, and as scene as he is using very violent words to describe the sound made by the buzz saw, it gives the reader the impression that this buzz saw is likely to harm someone. Although the sense of foreboding is the main way that the writer creates mood in this poem, he also uses black humour to great affect when he says that as the boys sister called him for supper, the saw, “as to prove saws knew what supper meant, leaped out at the boys hand.” By this the writer

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