Out of Africa vs Multiregional Theory

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Out of Africa vs. Multiregional

Paleoanthropologists have been searching for decades, looking for signs of early human life throughout Africa Asia and Europe, trying to find clues that tell them where the human race originated. These scientists have found overwhelming evidence of early human life across different continents, but are always working to attempt to explain what they have discovered, and try to piece together the earliest signs of human civilization. Two main theories have emerged related to the origin of our ancestors, the "Out of Africa Theory" and the "Multiregional Theory" (Ember, Ember, & Peregrine, 2009, p. 163). Both theories have merit, and evidence to back them up, causing controversial debate between
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sapiens replaced them due to a type of biological or cultural advantage (Ember, Ember, & Peregrine, 2009, p. 163). The movie, The Human Family Tree, also discusses that H. sapiens may have been more able to handle environmental changes, than other species, leading to the extinction of one species, such as Neanderthals (Geographic, 2009). There is also debate as to whether or not H. sapiens may have interbred with Neandertahl populations, but no solid genetic evidence has been found to support the interaction (Nei, 1991, p. 6721). Although there is genetic evidence to support the single-origin theory, anthropologists who believe in the "Multiregional Theory" have argued that genetic evidence is flawed, and not strong enough to prove anything in regards to the single-origin theory. Although this may have been true in earlier studies, current findings are significantly more reliable, and have found similar evidence (Ember, Ember, & Peregrine, 2009, p. 163). The "Multiregional Theory" is the idea that early hominids, such as H. erectus, and archaic H. sapiens had already populated the world, and independently evolved after already being established in different locations (Ember, Ember, & Peregrine, 2009, p. 163). This is a logical assumption, due to many anatomical similarities between many of the early hominid species to modern humans. Many multiregional supporters also use the genetic evidence to

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