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Out of Control Pennsylvania Highlands Community College Out of Control Question #1: Using Exhibit 2-5 and the information from the case, describe the culture at Toyota Motor Corporation. Why do you think this type of culture might be important to a car maker? In the 1950’s, when Toyota first started making cars, they had a people oriented culture within their company. The principle that was “Good thinking means good product” (Robbins & Coulter) meant that they were willing to take their time to think of new ideas that would improve their company. Starting in the 1990’s though, they took on a more aggressive culture. The focus of the company went from producing a quality product, to producing as many cars as…show more content…
Question 3: Do you think it was important for Mr. Toyoda to apologize for the company’s decisions? Why? In my opinion, it was very important for Mr. Toyoda to apologize, and something that he had to do. If he would have just stayed quiet during this time, the company could, and probably would have fell apart. If I was a stockholder while this happened, I would be very upset to begin with. Then, if Mr. Toyoda wouldn’t have explained why this happened and apologized for the mishaps, I personally would have pulled all of my money out of the company, because it would be inexcusable. I personally believe that safety is the first thing to think of when you are designing something such as a car. I would rather have a vehicle that got 5 miles a gallon than one that got 35 mpg and just randomly catch fire going down the road, or the breaks go out for no apparent reason. Question 4: What could other organizations learn from Toyota’s experiences about the importance of organizational culture? I believe that other organizations can learn a lot from the difficulties that Toyota has went through and has had to fix. Sometimes fast isn’t always the best. Instead of having an aggressive culture, they should have a organizational culture that pays attention to detail more. Toyota also had a outcomes oriented culture. They were more focused on results rather than how the outcomes were achieved, which led to faulty parts. I realize that everyone is

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