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Ch.3 dbq’s DOCUMENT A: * How would tens of thousands of settlers immigrating to New England with this image of their own purpose shape the development of that colony? * Winthrop wants them to be a city in which everyone can copy, and look up to. They want to be a city upon a hill, literally where they can control everyone around them. They want to be a prosperous yet very close minded estate with no religious tolerance. * What kinds of settlers arrived in Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth Plantation, and Connecticut? * The puritans and Pilgrims arrived there (New England Colony). They were very religious. Pilgrims wanted to separate from the church completely and the Puritans wanted to reform it because they were…show more content…
They had small farmers, with 1-2 slaves each. * How was the environment of Virginia and the other Chesapeake colonies different from that of New England? * South was un-urbanized, had mainly farming, and no seaports. New England was very urbanized and had seaports, and trade. * How did this make the development of colonies along the Chesapeake different from the evolution of those in New England? * New England was focused on family and religion mostly. They don’t live apart like the Southern Colonies and the South were also very competitive with agriculture. * How did the rivers of the Chesapeake impact the development of communities? * South wanted to be by rivers. They then had contact with the Indians who were there, and eventually kicked them out. * Why was slavery considered a viable labor system in the colonies of the Chesapeake while it did not gain much of a foothold in New England? * They used slaves for exports and labor; New England didn’t need labor like the South for agriculture. * How would this impact the development of different societies in Virginia in contrast to Massachusetts? * Because of social structure and security. * They are over a hundred years apart, but what do these two paintings tell you about the society which evolved in the puritan town of Boston against the society of a plantation in Virginia? * South was not

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