Outcast United By Warren St. John

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Conventional wisdom has it that society has been taught to be accepting and kind to the people around them, kindness can vary among social groups due to different backgrounds, ethnicity, and learned prejudices. It can be trialing for someone experiencing hyper-diversity to be affable and work towards social justice for minority groups, while doing this, they in turn, express a sense of integrity. All throughout the book Outcast United written by Warren St. John, the author writes about and capitalises a few of Bethel College values such as diversity, community, and service. (Bethel) As Outcasts United began to unfold, one can note many values that endorse those of Bethel College, St. John amplifies certain ones. The most prevalent value is diversity, which Bethel proposes they prize individuals for their uniqueness.(Bethel) Which goes is parallel with the entire book Outcasts United. St. John shows us different experiences with diversity, for example, the diversity experienced by the original people of Clarkston is vastly different from what was experienced by Luma and the refugees that were relocated to the town of Clarkston. In chapter three of the novel, St. John states “in the late 1980s, another group of outsiders took note of Clarkston: the nonprofit agencies that resettle the tens of thousands of refugees accepted into the United States each year”. (St. John 35) Some experiences with diversity are more negative than others. After analysing Outcast United one can
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