Outcasts United And The United States

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Today we watch the world rage in war, bathe in chaos, and live in destruction. Where there is war families are being torn apart. Children watch family members be killed in front of them and many homes are destroyed. They are forced to leave their country and seek refuge in a neighboring one. In the book Outcasts United, the main conflict is how refugees are readjusting to life and how they are treated. Many characters have waited years to get into the u.s.This has made me realize that the way we deal with refugees is a big problem today. The camps they are put in are unsanitary. It takes years for background checks. And even after they get an okay to come here, they still struggle. Money can only go so far. I believe it is time to help them. Refugees are people and need to have another chance at life. In the book Outcast United, many of the main characters in the book have fled from their homes. Because of the wars that came to their homes they had no choice but to leave. Their families walked miles to the nearest refugee camp. The trip was not easy and dangerous. An article (syria-chigago) stated "So began their four-year flight to flee Syria 's brutal civil war and find safety in Chicago.The family fled to Damascus, the Syrian capital, about 100 miles south. But within five months, the violence caught up to them. Fatima Adris’ eldest brother was shot in the street, and her father was also shot."(chicago tribune,1-2) This statement explains what families go…

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