Outcome 1 Business Culture

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Assessment Task 1
Outcome 1
Alphabet Games small company based in Scotland which develops software and games. The business was formed in 2001 by three companions with a passion to develop games and software which has resulted in it becoming a multi-million pound business. The aim of this case study is to identify four forces which may affect Alphabet Games using a recognised analytical framework. A SWOT analysis is to be carried out in order to analyse and illustrate the relationship Alphabet Games has with the external environment. A set of guidelines for carrying out a SWOT analysis is to be prepared to enable the senior managers at Alphabet games to carry out an effective SWOT analysis.

Task A
The four forces
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Social class may affect Alphabet Games as if the games are costly and available in certain areas there might be people that cannot afford them due to unemployment or low income and therefore it would lead to Alphabet Games seeking new markets in other areas or increasing marketing and advertising to increase sales. Alphabet Games may be affected by the primary reference groups as if a teenager is playing a game and they don’t like it then they will tell all there school friends which can result in them not purchasing games from Alphabet Games in case they are not as good as they are said to be.

• Technology
This will have a major impact on Alphabet Games as it is constantly changing and therefore consumer demands change as a result as they want improved graphics and sound etc. This means that it can be costly for a small business such as Alphabet Games due to the fact that they are forced to keep up to date with modern technology for example Discs replaced video tapes and cassette tapes and may eventually become obsolete as more USB memory sticks are becoming cheap and readily available and used for downloading games, videos and music from the internet. As technology is changing the staff capabilities also change as it is new to them and therefore there might be a need for costly staff training to enable them to operate it efficiently.

TASK B - SWOT Analysis
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