Outcome Description. The Outcome Of The Entire Settlement

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Outcome Description The outcome of the entire settlement resulted in the representative of the Manatee Townhomes (me) agreeing to pay 8.5 million dollars to the Department of Streets and Thoroughfares. This was 8.5 million dollars out of the total of 10.3 million dollars, which comprised of (1) 3.8 million dollars for the exaction costs and (2) 6.5 million dollars for the higher bridge. I was assured by the representative of the Department of Streets and Thoroughfares that the remaining 1.8 million dollars would be covered by Bay City. Both parties—Manatee Townhomes and Department of Streets and Thoroughfares—agreed to with the settlement amount. This settlement was under the condition that the Manatee Townhomes wanted the high bridge but…show more content…
After I, again, emphasized that 9 million dollars would be kinda pushing my budget, Charlotte offered to lower the price to 8.5 millions dollars. Meaning, I was not the one that introduced the lower price, it was actually Charlotte after I indirectly (?) bargained by merely acting as if though I was uncomfortable with spending 9 millions dollars (although, again, I mistakingly was not).
Having read on Fisher’s and Ury’s “positional bargaining” section in Getting to Yes, I attempted to use the alternative approach described as the “principled approach” (Fisher and Ury, 11). I was able to effectively practice most of the relevant categories except for the “invent options for mutual gains” part, as I did not “develop multiple options to choose from” (Fisher and Ury, 13). I instead only chose from one set option—the 8.5 million dollars—and left it at that, assuming that if I were to push for anything lower that Charlotte would for some reason regret letting me go below the 10 million dollars limit I assumed she had as well. Therefore, I was naively happy with the 8.5 million dollar deal that we had, as I was not aware until after that I could have gone as low as 3.5 million dollars.

Other Party’s Strategy
The other party—the Department of Streets and Thoroughfares—did not necessarily set a reservation price for the entire project initially; rather Charlotte stated that she would want me to pay the initial 3.8 million dollar exaction
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