Outlast Research Paper

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Outlast a game that is meant to feast off the fears of others in an action packed game full of jump scares that will make your heart jump out of your chest. Warning this game is meant for thrill seekers only, this game can cause seizures, paranoia, and other problems, play at your own risk. From the information that I have gathered Outlast takes the horror game genre to the next level it is unique in its own way based on my opinion it should be put into its own category of horror games. You play a journalist who wants to discover the secret behind Mount Massive Asylum where you must defend, hide, and document the horrors living between each and every hallway of Mount Massive Asylum. This game may seem repetitive to the reviewer(Marty Sliva)…show more content…
Even the music is up to par as you move from room to room around every corner there might be something or someone lurking watching every step you take as the music cues you know that you are in trouble. But as your breaths get louder the steps get closer as well the music gets more intense only to turn around and realize it’s all over. As you progress more into the story every level is different than the last never knowing what will behind the next door with enemies searching through closets looking for you and keeping you on your toes. What lies within this asylum is enough to make people want to buy this game. Outlast forces you to conserve your resources making this game very tense in order for you to plan out your next move. This game is unlike any other horror game, this is one of the best horror games up to date, Outlast is a game that will set the standards of horror games for the future. From the moment you step forward on Mount Massive Asylum you know there is no turning back, the levels in this game are well thought out every character has their own personality each with a different story to tell. Although, this game may seem repetitive you will always be satisfied with the outcome the rewards that are given throughout the game will help you discover the untold truth about Mount Massive Asylum and their
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