Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

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Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs/Clubs (OMG’s/OMC’s) Just 3 months after Campbell Newman’s war against bikie gangs in Queensland, 460 offenders have been charged, numerous clubhouses vacated and colours handed in. In addition to these figures statistics show a dramatic decrease in bikie related crime on the Gold Coast including: assaults dropping 16 percent, armed robbery dropping 42 percent and unlawful entry dropping 26 percent. Despite this decrease in criminal activity the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) conservatively estimates that serious and organised crime costs Australia $15 billion every year. In order to decrease this massive expenditure on organised criminal activity something has got to change. Since mid last year Campbell Newman, Queensland's premier, along with the Newman Government have been fighting a constant war with the infamous Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs/Clubs. Their aim is to rid Queensland’s streets of these thugs who operate outside of the law. They have started this by cracking down on offenders and introducing though new laws regarding the behaviour of the criminals being targeted. The difference of opinion here is a massive factor to consider and one that has lead to constant disruption between the two varying cultures. First there are the different bikie groups around Australia, for example: The Rebels, Mongols, Banditos, Hells Angels, Finks and Comanchero, just to name a few. It’s in their view that they are oblivious to the rest of society and view
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