Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell

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Being successful in life is not always easy, because of different ways that success can be achieved. With many theories out there on success, it is hard to figure out what is needed to be done to gain success. In everyone’s lives there are many different beliefs out there that can lead to it. In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, there are numerous theories that are covered with examples of successful people. They clearly show how success can be done in not just one way but in many others. The most known people that are considered to be successful are billionaires and celebrities. They all have gained success in their lives in their own diverse ways. A good set of successful people in the world today to talk about are Mark Zuckerberg, Whitney Houston, and Nicholas Sparks. These people all come from different backgrounds before gaining their success. Malcolm Gladwell discussed many theories in the book “Outliers” that can relate to the success of the people mentioned above. The true knowledge behind success can be achieved in numerous ways.
Many individuals have different definitions as to what the word “success” means; as well as what is really considered to be truly successful in life. In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell”, its main purpose is to understand how many ways success can be looked at in the world. Especially how it is used when it comes to certain things we make decisions on. In chapter one, success is first looked at by how he compares players

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