Outliers : The Story Of Success

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The Story of Success
“Why do some people succeed far more than the other?”(Gladwell, 2) Since childhood, individuals are easily bought into the myth that successful people are self-made, but Malcolm Gladwell’s, a well-known author opinion differs. He argues that successful people are invariably the beneficiaries of “hidden advantages and extraordinary opportunities that allow individuals to learn and make sense of the world in ways others cannot.”(Gladwell, 19). Outlier; The Story of Success addresses multiple theories that explain the reason behind the success of different individuals in our society and why are they an Outlier. An Outlier is a person out of the ordinary who does not fit into our normal understanding of
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(Staff, 2006) In the movie Lagaan, the habitants, burdened by high taxes, find themselves in an extraordinary situation, whose results may change the village’s destiny forever. The success story of the villagers is not a typical success story, but rather it implicates on the major theories Malcolm Gladwell talks about.

Often individuals wonder, “Practice makes perfect, but nobody’s perfect, so why practice?” (Cobain, 2017). Malcolm Gladwell elaborates on this theory, and in his opinion to be successful, the ordinary one must contribute a minimum of “[10,000 hours of deliberate practice]” in order to become world-class in any field. (Gladwell, 40) The biggest factor that separates an Outlier from an ordinary individual is not the intact talent or blind luck, but rather the dedication to the chosen craft. (Gladwell 2013) In the movie, Lagaan, the chosen craft is the game of Gilli-Danda. The game of Gilli-Danda is a cricket-like game played in the rural areas of India. (Krishnamohan, 2014). The villager’s first response to seeing the game of cricket played by the British is, “[cricket is a similar game to Gilli-Danda].” (Gowariker, 2001). The villagers are challenged in a game of cricket by Captain Russell’s. Unknowingly, the villagers have spent around 10,000 hours practicing Gilli-Danda, as it’s a game that every child has grown up playing in the village. This is evident; when Bhuvan
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