Outliers, The Story Of Success

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Outliers, The Story of Success In the book, Outliers, the Story of Success, Malcom Gladwell discusses “outliers” and uses many examples of success. This book expresses the many ways in which “outliers” are different from the “ordinary.” Gladwell explores the factors that influence and help people in their journeys to success. The factors expressed in this book include: their culture, family/parents, their background, and especially their personal experiences that have had major impacts on their life. Gladwell stresses that it’s not only about a person’s hard work for the success, but also about the things that helped them to grow and succeed in the first place. He uses many examples of people who are considered to be outliers and their stories of success and what helped them achieve that success.
“Boundary/Initial conditions” as a main factor for success (opportunity): Firstly, Gladwell quickly jumps into an example of someone considered to be an outlier. This example surrounds hockey players and their success. From this, Gladwell points out a shocking reality surrounding how a person’s birthday can affect their entire life. The players are not given the same opportunities based on their birthdays, in fact those born after certain dates do not receive nearly the same amount of chances for playing and increasing their skill. This is a reality that many people would be unaware of if it were not for the expertise of Psychologist Roger Barnsely.This is even evident in the…
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