Outline And Outline Of Nfl Concussions

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Name: Matt Eichelberger Date: 10/18/15

Topic: concussions

General Purpose: understand NFL concussions

Specific Purpose: concussions are a serious problem in the NFL

Central Idea: concussions can be bad if not treated correctly

Speech Title: NFL protocol

I. Introduction (introduces topic)

a. Attention Getter- How many of you have had a concussion?
b. Thesis- I want you to better understand concussions, why they’re a problem in the NFL and what measures are being taken to prevent them.
c. Establish Credibility- As I said in my last speech I couldn’t go on to play football in college because of my number of concussion so I know the effects they have on you.
d. Preview Main Points-The definition of a concussion, how many happen in the NFL and safety/ equipment protocol.
e. Transition to Body/Main Point 1 How bad are concussions for your body you may ask. Bad.

II. Main Point 1

a. Supporting Idea/Evidence What exactly is a concussion? There technically isn’t a universal definition but the most common used by sports medicine is MTBI or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. It caused by an immediate stop that causes you brain to come in contact with you skull. It can cause,” permanent memory loss, depression and personality change.” If not taken serious and treated properly over the correct amount of time you could risk death by having a second hit to your head. (tator,1)
b. Transition/Signpost to Main Point 2- Where are concussions most likely? The
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