Outline And Recommendations For Hello Bill ! As Promised

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Hello Bill! As promised, the following report contains some of my suggestions and recommendations that I’ve broken it down to three (3) parts to address each of your questions and concerns. Part A- Your Excel Formulas To calculate the total expense of each day; use the SUM function. To do is this, enter the following formula for the first day into the formula bar. Your formula should look exactly like this: F5=SUM(B5:E5). Repeat for each day by editing the cell letter and numbers as needed. The SUM function can also be used to calculate the total expense of each week in the same manner as described before; In the formula bar enter in parenthesis the cell number and letter to find total expenses per week. It should look like this: B13=…show more content…
When printing, the data will be stored in a queue on a server and printed in the order queued.  Software packages that you have already purchased, licensed and use for your business can be stored on the server and available for shared download upon your employees’ request.  A user will usually be able to retrieve work that has been deleted by mistake as your server’s Central backing store backs-up automatically at regular intervals.  Messages can be sent to other computers on the network which can save time and paper.  You can have control over users’ access rights to programs and data. However great these advantages, LANs do have its fair share of disadvantages as well:  Though all workstations can be served by only one or two printers, long print queues may develop creating slower print times.  If a virus gets into one computer, it is likely to spread quickly across the network because it will get into the central backing store.  High security risk. Users of the network must have authentication methods such as unique user ids and passwords. This help control access to the files and settings on the network while passwords prevent unauthorized users from logging onto the network. Data may also have to be encrypted so that it is meaningless if intercepted.  If the server fails, everyone is affected. Work stored on
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