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What is Emergent Literacy?
Emergent Literacy is the reading and writing concept, behavior and dispositions that precede and develop into conventional reading and writing.
Recently the term “reading readiness” has given way “emergent literacy” by which we mean the many skills children need for reading and writing. From the time they were born and continuing through the preschool years, each child picks up in his or her own way. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are all part of emergent literacy. Literacy really begins when an infant coos or babbles, then hears those sound repeated by a responsive and loving adults. These early conversation, which can make adults feel a little silly, and a gentle introduction to spoken language
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“clap when you hear word ending with the ‘ing’ sound. * Step 4. Teacher will read “the children were playing, when they saw the a bus coming” students will then clap at the ‘ing’ sound.

Picture reading 1. * Step 1. Teacher can give student bold color pictures to look at and observe it. * Step 2. Teacher will then introduce a sentence to the students so the that they may have a decision “I see many fruits in the baskets. What do you see?” * Step 3. Students will then respond to what they see “ I see apple in the basket, I see a banana in the basket…..” 2. * Step 1. Teacher can introduce questions to think about relevant information in the picture. “What day do you think it is?” * Step 2. Students will give their feedback while the teacher list them on the board

3. * Step 1. Teacher will show a picture to the class * Step 2. Teacher will then say to the class “ If we were writing a story, what would be the first thing that you would say” * Step 3. Teacher will say “Today is Sunday and everyone going to the church. Some wore…..” * Student will then respond with their own story
* Step 1. Teacher can engage student in a decision of pictures * Steep 2. Student will then use the information to make a story

Two activities for each of the following words A. Visual discrimination 1. A | a A | C | C U
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