Outline For A Word For Word

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Outline should be word-for-word, what you plan to say in the speech. Fill out the template below. The formatting is started for you.

A. (Attention getter): Mazzone says that “Nearly 450,000 persons will die every year of a disease attributable to tobacco use” (Mazzone, 2004).
B. (Reason to listen): Hi, I’m Cody Polton, I’ve been around smoking all my life and it really irritates me. I know it is bad for you, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I began to write this speech.
C. (Thesis statement with preview of main points): Smoking not only hurts you, it hurts your friends and family, it can lead to severe diseases, and although it is hard to quit, it is not impossible.

Transition: When people are asked not to smoke, they take offense to that. They think that it doesn’t affect anyone else. They are wrong. II. BODY A. Smoking is not only harmful for the person smoking the cigarettes, but it is equally as dangerous for the surrounding people. 1. Second hand is more harmful for younger kids who are undeveloped. a. If they are around smoking throughout their childhood, they have a greater chance of getting “ear infections, asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis” (Bolton) says the Bolton stop smoking Service. 2. Imagine yourself just having a baby boy. He is your bride and joy, and you would do anything for him. The only thing is that he can’t tell you to quit smoking so you never do. Once
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