Outline For Rhetorical Analysis

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Quote 1: “On a global basis, the question has to be “do assessments disadvantage students from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds?” During my Junior and Senior year while studying for the SAT, I read something of similar nature in one of my test prep books. The test prep book made a point to say that the SAT is not an entirely fair test. Studies show that students who come from wealthier families tend to score much higher on the SAT than students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. According to data collected by Business Insider, “The wealthier a student's family, the better that student is likely to do on the SAT college admissions test.” Perhaps, this is because their families can afford to pay for tutors, or their families are more educated. Regardless, it is apparent that these standardized tests disadvantage students who come from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds. How could the nation improve standardized tests in order to make the tests more fair for all students?…show more content…
Everyday before class our teacher would have to attach a special device to their collar. The student also wore the same device but on her collar and with attached hearing aids. This device enabled her to hear what the teacher was saying everyday during class. This is a perfect example of how aids and services allowed this student with disabilities to remain in a classroom setting with their non-disabled peers. In order to receive the aids and services one requires do they have to have an IEP in place to ensure that they are provided to
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